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„We all went our separate ways because…. well, because…. life came along. But this feels right…”

Sometimes, the simplest words are the most eloquent to explain why bandmates go their separate ways… and why they come back together.
They were always more than just a band. Coco, Geff, Nico, Séb, and Tom were family.

It was a group of likeminded musicians and songwriters, both a collective and a creative cell, where everyone found their voice. The French-German band quickly garnered an international following with their self-titled debut album (2013). After that came tours across Europe and South America, the Midas EP in 2016, a second album called Hybris in 2017, and another round of touring. In 2019, with several indie hits (“Highly Branded,” “Love,” “Stars”) and more than 300 concerts behind them, the band decided to take a break.

2017: Album release HYBRIS, Single STARS, Label: Radicalis (CH)
2016: EP release MIDAS, Single LOVE, Label: Radicalis (CH)
2013: Album release YALTA CLUB, Label: Atmosphériques (FR)
2012: EP release HIGLY BRANDED, Label: Atmosphériques (FR)

It was an intense time: the recording sessions flew by, the French label closed, and, well… “life came along.” Life beyond the bubble of the band: family, relationships, complexity. And then on top of it, a global pandemic. It took some time for the band to rediscover itself.


A good story, they say, needs that one character who shows up unexpectedly to give the plot a new twist. For YALTA CLUB that character was Berlin. It was here that their voices came together again, here that they’ve been recording a new album, here that they’ve found their lucky star.


Life has come back to the band, paving the way for new artistic journeys. Together with producer Dirk Feistel, YALTA CLUB has recorded its first new songs at Studio X Berlin in the neighborhood of Wedding – songs that tell of deep feelings, songs that want to touch, not just give a good time. It’s the beginning of a new chapter.

But some things never change: today, as always, friendship, respect, and passion set the tone for the band, providing freedom for individual development while preserving the joy of the collective.

In the simple words of YALTA CLUB, …“But this feels right. This is home.“


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over 300 concerts and festivals (2013 – 2019) in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, Mexico

Festivals a.o.:. Reeperbahn Festival, Nürnberg Pop, Fusion, CSD, Altonale Pop, FM4 Festival, Lakeside Festival, Zermatt Unplugged, Blue Balls Festival, Faites l’Europe, Glimps Festival

Concerts a.o.: Bataclan, Milla, Supersonic, Schlachthof, Moritzbastei, Bi Nuu, Roter Salon, Kranhalle, Molotow, Cafe de la Danse, MaMA Event, Flèche d’Or

Support act for: Madness, Dionysos

Booking agency: FKP Skorpio (GER), Radicalis (CH), INK Music (AU)


LOVE – 660,000 streams
Stars – 300,000 streams
Of Mice & Gods – 63,000 streams


Highly Branded – 77,000 streams
LOVE – 29,000 streams
Exile – 27,000 streams
Of Mice & Gods – 27,000 streams


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